Another busy week for nickel in Indonesia

Another busy week for nickel in Indonesia

Nickel Mines has started commissioning the fourth nickel pig iron rotary kiln electric furnace line at its 80%-held Angel Nickel project, while China’s CNGR Advanced Material plans to invest in three new nickel matte projects in Indonesia.

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The first rotary kiln electric furnace (RKEF) at the Angel Nickel project was commissioned in January 2022 and the commissioning of the fourth RKEF brings the operation to its nameplate capacity of 36ktpy Ni in nickel pig iron (NPI), ahead of schedule (due October 2022).  Operational NPI capacity will remain below its nameplate while the operation is dependent on available energy supply, which the company plans to address through the commissioning of a captive power plant later this year. 

Meanwhile, CNGR, one of the world’s leading lithium-ion battery cathode precursor producers, is focussing on increasing its nickel matte investment in Indonesia, adding three more projects with the capacity of 120ktpy to its existing two projects of 60ktpy. This is on top of its standing agreement with Tsingshan to purchase 40ktpy nickel matte.

These developments highlight how Indonesia continues to grow in importance as a nickel powerhouse.  The country is the largest source of nickel ores globally, hosted in laterite deposits. Indonesia’s nickel strategy is part of the country’s commodity-led development strategy, which aims to attract investment to add value to the country’s economy.  


  • 20 May 2022
  • Indonesia
  • Nickel

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