Salt Forum 2022 concerned about the impact of climate change on future salt supply

Salt Forum 2022 concerned about the impact of climate change on future salt supply

Last week, salt market participants met in Hamburg, Germany for Imformed's Salt Forum 2022.  Project Blue presented a global salt supply overview alongside growth market insight and developments.  

Blue View

The forum’s first day was dedicated to global and regional salt market overviews as well as a specific focus on solar salt. A consensus held by the forum was that salt demand would increase over the medium and long term due to the growing chloralkali industry, especially in Asia. Project Blue forecasts salt demand to exceed 500Mtpy by 2050, up 52% from the 330Mtpy in 2022. The impact of climate change on salt supply was discussed at length in light of reduced production in India this year due to an extended monsoon season, significantly reducing the harvest period. Similar instances in Indonesia were cited and concern for future impact on the industry discussed, especially within the de-icing end use market.  New supply of solar salt, specifically from Australia, which has a number of large-scale projects at the feasibility stage were discussed. The implications for global salt demand in light of these new projects which may come on stream within the next five years made for a lively debate, with some arguing that the Asian chloralkali demand would quickly assimilate this new supply in lieu of potential over supply. The forum was also made aware of a new project in northwest Saudi Arabia which has the potential to produce 11Mtpy of high purity vacuum salt from renewable desalination. Production at the Neom facility is scheduled to commence in 2025 with a ramp up to full capacity (11Mt) in 2026.  

The second day was geared more towards food salt and salt processing with presentations on Italian food salt supply and its potential growth over the long term and innovations in terms of salt drying processes respectively. The latter delving into a fossil fuel free thermal drying technique which reduces energy consumption by over 65% and costs by over 30%. The forum agreed that the global salt market is set for sustained growth over the short to medium term, being driven primarily by chloralkali demand, specifically from the Asia region.  

  • 23 Nov 2022
  • India
  • Salt

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