Trafigura and Green Lithium sign supply agreement for UK refinery

Trafigura and Green Lithium sign supply agreement for UK refinery

Commodity trading giant, Trafigura, has partnered with UK lithium processing company, Green Lithium, to supply and invest infor the latter’s centralised commercial lithium refinery in the UK. 

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Lithium is a key critical material for Europe.  However, there is currently no large-scale refining capability on the continent.  This is fast becoming a problem, as OEMs look to forge local, sustainable supply chains, driven in part by the EU’s Rules of Origin, mandating battery and car manufacturers to localise supply chains and source precursor battery materials from European suppliers by 2024 (or face punitive tariffs). 

Green Lithium’s stated aim is to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and sustainable energy storage by increasing the supply of low-carbon, battery-grade lithium hydroxide.  By building and operating the 50ktpy facility in the UK, Green Lithium aims to provide the missing link in the EV supply chain by connecting the UK and Europe’s lithium battery and cell manufacturers with international sources of raw lithium material.  The partnership will see Trafigura supply the lithium feedstock required for the refinery and invest in Green Lithium’s development phase round of funding, thus bringing it a step closer to its plans to start construction next year and enter production in 2024. 

  • 11 May 2022
  • UK
  • Lithium
  • Aerospace

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