VRFB developer Enerox sets up US subsidiary

VRFB developer Enerox sets up US subsidiary

The vanadium redox flow battery player, known by its CellCube brand, is looking to target the North American market.

Blue View

Enerox manufactures vanadium redox flow batteries (VRFBs).  Its modular CellCube system is available in three pre-configured forms in which you can access four, six, or eight hours of power in 250kW stages.  The company appears to have been gearing up for its North American entry, having signed an electrolyte supply deal US Vanadium in February.

Project Blue believes the future of VRFB commercialisation to be a somewhat binary story: it will happen, or it won’t.  In our base case, demand starts to ramp up from 2022 onwards, driven by China but with plenty of uptake in the ROW.  However, there are lots of uncertainties and a sustained period of high vanadium prices would, in particular, set VRFB commercialisation back considerably.

  • 09 May 2022
  • USA
  • Aarti Steel
  • ACCP China
  • Vanadium

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