Premium Subscription Service

Our Critical Material Market Outlook offer unparalleled depth of coverage on the supply chain in question. Our monthly, quarterly, and annual deliverables, as well as market analysis tools are designed to help you understand market dynamics, risks & opportunities, provide unbiased outlooks and scenarios to help you make better decisions, and enable the benchmarking of companies and assets.

1. Market overview

Background information, expert historical insight and
ESG analysis

2. Market outlook

Analysis of today's market trends together with our short, medium
and long term forecasts

3. Market analysis tools

Access propriety market data via our dedicated Proxima

1. Market overview:

  • 101 – Background: covering supply chain structure, geology, processing, product forms, and first use applications. A concise document giving the reader a crash course in the critical material in question.
  • 102 – History: covering historical supply, demand, and price trends. A document providing detailed historical context and giving the reader an in-depth understanding of the critical material supply chain’s dynamics.
  • 103 – ESG: containing analysis of the most important environmental, social and governance issues facing the supply chain. A deck which also utilises the data underpinning Project Blue’s Critical Minerals Index.

2. Market outlook:

  • 201 – Short-term outlook: outlining the latest market developments and near-term view. A two-page deliverable with price data and news for the critical material market as well as a three-month price forecast.
  • 202 – Medium-term outlook: detailing current market trends and our forecasts. A detailed slide deck analysing the latest supply chain developments with five-year forecasts for supply, demand and prices.
  • 203 – Long-term outlook: outlining our view of the market over the energy transition horizon. A slide deck exploring Project Blue’s climate change scenarios, key megatrends, and with demand forecasts to 2050.

3. Market analysis tools:

  • Interactive data – for supply, demand, prices and forecasts. Delivered in excel, this file contains all the key underlying data with functionality to create your own custom charts. Delivered quarterly
  • Proxima profiles - a propriety database navigated via our dedicated tool to access key information on the most critical assets, companies and countries in a supply chain.
  • Proxima trade – a propriety tool for analysing and visualising international trade data which has been curated and cleaned by our expert team. Coming Q4 2023.