About Us

Energy Transition will be raw material intensive. It will create unprecedented demand for critical materials, fundamental for renewable energy sources and other sustainable global sectors. Project Blue provides market intelligence on energy transition supply chains and the critical materials that underpin them. Our expert analysis is delivered through subscription services, consulting and events. We are committed to analytical rigour, unbiased forecasting, and personal service.

What we do

Project Blue provides a comprehensive, independent view of the supply chains it covers. Our supply-side models are built bottom-up, capturing all known assets and companies involved in production. We track material flows through the supply chain via bespoke analysis of company-level linkages and internal trade. Our demand-side analysis is all developed in house and leverages comprehensive internal consumption models for all industry segments related to Energy Transition and the wider global economy. Our forecasts for supply, demand and prices of critical materials and end-use sectors go out to 2050, providing an independent view of global market dynamics over the net zero horizon.

How we do it

Our approach combines primary and secondary research. Our expert team travels extensively to visit our global network at industry events and gain first-hand insight of the markets we serve by visiting mine sites, refineries and manufacturing plants. We combine this primary insight with analysis of a broad range of secondary sources, supported by subscriptions to a wide range of periodicals, market data services and price reporting agencies. Our global team is led by recognised experts in their fields, with decades of combined experience in mineral economics. We are committed to analytical rigour. All of our analysis is subjected to an extensive peer review system so that our subscription services and bespoke consulting meets the very highest standards.

Who we serve

Project Blue was founded to provide unrivaled expertise on critical materials and energy transition to clients across the value chain. We help our clients make the best decisions and mitigate risks. Our focus is on understanding the complexities of rapidly evolving supply chains and translating this knowledge into accurate data, unbiased analysis, and expert insight, to support industry and government decision makers. We are committed to personal service. We are big enough to provide a comprehensive view of the markets we cover and small enough to put our clients first. When facing critical decisions, our clients can connect directly with our experts to ensure they get the timely, accurate insight they need.

Why Project Blue?

A Project is a collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim. Project Blue’s data and intelligence enable key critical material and energy transition stakeholders to collaborate, plan and work towards a common aim of sustainable supply chains resulting in net-zero carbon emissions. The colour Blue describes the skies and oceans of a healthy and prosperous planet, as well as the pragmatic alternative to an elusive green ambition. Project Blue is committed to helping stakeholders find deliverable solutions to our generation’s most difficult challenges.

Our values

Sustainability – limiting dangerous climate change requires a radical reshaping of the global mining and energy sectors. Our aim is to support our government and industry clients with the intelligence they need to make this happen. At the same time, we are committed to limiting Blue’s own impact on the environment through sustainable working practices.

Community – we are nothing without our people, and their people. We aim to foster a dynamic, diverse, and collaborative working culture that allows time for the things that matter even more in life. But working relationships matter too, and Project Blue wants to make a space that fosters meaningful connections between team members to create a productive, engaging, and positive work culture.

Excellence – we want to be the best at what we do. Our clients face important challenges every day and we need to provide them with the best data, analysis, and insight possible to help them make the right decisions. We are committed to academic rigor and unbiased forecasting. Our analysis and forecasts are based solely on our impartial, expert view of the markets we cover.