Introducing Proxima...

Trusted critical materials data on one platform.

Project Blue’s supply chain analytics platform is designed to help our customers quickly understand detailed information on global critical materials markets.
Our customers use Proxima to access our latest data and insights on assets, countries, companies, supply chain linkages, and trade flows. 

Unrivalled coverage of critical materials

Proxima contains detailed coverage of over 30 critical materials markets and over 500 commodity companies active in over 150 countries.

To explore Proxima’s coverage, select a critical material from the drop-down list and apply filters.



Critical Materials
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The power of Proxima…

Understand the rapidly evolving critical material supply chains which underpin energy transition.

Proxima provides you with the tools to explore Project Blue’s deep coverage of commodity markets.

The platform can be used to support market analysis, project and company evaluation, due diligence, risk analysis and business development.


  • Evaluate mining companies, owners and operators.
  • Filter maps and tables by type, status, and product.
  • Curate maps and tables to embed in your workflows.


  • Detailed profiles of mines, projects, refineries and manufacturing facilities.
  • View capacity levels and historical production.
  • View ownership and operator information.

User-friendly tools

Our platform is designed with the customer in mind. Use filters to curate maps and tables to provide you with the insight you require.

Accurate data

Our database is built and maintained by a global team of analysts, supported by commodity leaders who are experts in their fields.

Updated daily

Our team is constantly tracking key market developments. We update Proxima daily and push notifications to our customers.