Vanadium Extractive Cost Service

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Vanadium Extractive Cost Service

Vanadium is produced at primary and secondary operations, but mostly comes from the co-production route, where vanadium slag is produced during the steelmaking process. As such, its supply demands considerably on iron and steel market dynamics. Vanadium is mainly used in certain types of steel, although it is the use of vanadium electrolyte in vanadium redox flow batteries which offers the most market growth potential. Use the vanadium extractive cost service to compare primary, secondary, co-production, and coalstone asset production costs across the industry. The cost service allows you to see changes in vanadium costs over time and understand the forces underpinning the cost of production, updated on a quarterly basis.

Designed to:

  • Identify and compare raw material supply options
  • Understand material flows through the supply chain
  • Keep track of industry price trends and technology/market developments
  • Help understand future price directions and market sentiment
  • Provide independent demand forecasts and scenarios

Cost Breakdown:

Mineral Assets

+ Mining/Feedstock cost+ Processing cost+ G&A cost- By product credits+ Royalties cost

Total Cash Cost (FOB)+ Realisation cost

Total Cash Cost (CIF)+ Corporate overheads+ Reclamation & remediation+ Exploration+ Sustaining CAPEX

All-In Sustaining Cost (CIF)